Steve Harms

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Do Nice Guys Really Finish Last?

Well, yes and no.  How's that for a typical lawyer-like answer!?  An effective call to a customer/debtor for a past due payment doesn't have to be, in fact, shouldn't be obnoxious or rude...not at all.  So, be a nice person.

However, once you have given the customer an opportunity to explain why the debt hasn't been paid, bring the conversation back under your control, firmly but still being polite, and indicate "I appreciate what you've been dealing with, but you know we must resolve this balance." Then give a very specific suggestion based on your instincts, knowlege of the debtor, balance owed, and the age of the balance....such as " We must receive $525.00 by Tuesday, March 1st, here at (provide address), will the payment be here?" (You aren't looking for thier further objections, you're looking for confirmation the check will BE THERE!).  

Then confirm in writing per my blog below.

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