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Monday, January 30, 2012

Collections: MERS update

On Tuesday, May 3rd of 2011 I posted a blog discussion on MERS, the mortgagee created to quickly file mortgages, but not the holder of the note (the debt).  The discussion was to the effect that the Court of Appeals held the mortgage foreclosures by advertisement had to stop and that there were serious issues to be dealt with because the note holder and mortgage holder were different entities.

Well, getting right to the bottom line, and not getting caught up in the many technicalities on this whole issue, the Michigan Supreme Court has now ruled that the Court of Appeals was wrong.  So, we are back to business as usual here in Michigan in terms of foreclosures, and there apparently is no legal problem with the MERS filing system and the mortgage foreclosures....I suppose good news for the banks and perhaps bad news for the home owners.

If you are a legal beagle and want to read more about the case, check out or Google Saurman at 805 NW2nd (that's Northwestern Reporter, 2nd) at page 183.

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